Artisan: Can it also be Corporate?

I heard a radio ad today for a snack cracker. The ad incorporated several things to pique the interest of the potential customer:

A call to be healthy with inclusion of the concept of "snack packs."

An additional emphasis on both health and aspirational lifestyle by the use of a celebrity spokesperson (a chef who specializes in healthy foods who has appeared both on Celebrity Apprentice: Martha Stewart who is now on the show Real Housewives of NYC) to recommend the product as a good choice to the potential buyer.

Lastly, the word "artisan" to describe the product (which includes what was defined as "artisan" cheese).

The first two parts were vaguely amusing to me but the last part where the word "artisan" was summoned in argument to buy really spiked my interest.

"Artisan". Can the word be legitimately used when the product being touted is a corporate one, being produced by the gazillions of pounds to fill every supermarket shelf in the US and beyond?

If it can be legitimately used in this case, how and why?

Or could this be a case of PT Barnum's famous saying merely being true one more time?


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