A change of heart concerning Sandra Lee.

Did anyone else watch the Food Network's Chefography episode on Sandra Lee? I must admit, I'm the one who started a Sandra Lee post a few weeks back that got quite nasty and actually had to be taken down- though not for my comments. It seems as if many of us have some pretty strong opinions concerning Aunt Sandy's food. After watching her Chefography episode, I've had a change of heart. I still refuse to say that dumping frozen produce and cream of mushrooms soup into a crock pot with instant rice constitutes risotto, but I think her intentions are good and she seems very sincere. I had no idea that she had such a difficult upbringing and that she's was forced to overcome so much. Sandy may not be a chef, but she's trying to make eating well easier for busy parents on a budget. I still think her food sucks, but there's something kind of noble about that. Did anyone else watch the show? What are your thoughts?


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