X.O. Sauce. Let me show you them.

So in my pantry are 4 - count 'em, FOUR - containers of XO sauce. I opened one bottle and the delicious funk of chili oil and dried scallops hit me in the face. Hard. I kind of blacked out.

After I regained conciousness, I decided to whip up some pseudo-Pancit Luglog (I only had the thin rice noods) using a ton of garlic, onions, some XO sauce, achuete liquid beaten into some eggs, a little slurry to get things thickened up. Then I cheated and added 1/4 a package of Palabok mix. It turned out pretty freaking delicious.

So, have you ever used XO sauce? What'd you do with it? Please post some recipes as I have 4 bottles of the stuff, and I can't eat pseudo-palabok all the time.

Did I mention I have 4 bottles? GOOD LORD :-(


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