What to cook/eat when you're tired and stressed?

A new job, demanding and stressful, has left me feeling depleted and quite drained most days. On the home-drive, ideas run through my head for dinner, full well knowing SO will also be expecting some sort of sustenance for the evening dining experience. In my head, I create a wonderful meal. Something homemade would be great, but just not from "my" home. Yet, I find myself too down to even drag myself into the grocery I'm driving by to grab something from the ready-to-go entree section. The next thing I know, I'm in my driveway and now I'm too tired to think about cooking.

What do you do when you're a little depressed and need a food fix? We've eaten a lot of eggs and that's OK, but someone else in this house may be getting a bit tired of that. This isn't really like me; I need some ideas to help get "over the hump" (other than the obvious choices of mood altering medications or alcohol). On the weekends I cook, but I am not motivated. Not only does nothing sound good; I find I'm not really getting the joy from cooking and eating.

I'm in a food slump and feeling kind of weepy. help...me...


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