What is your left-over rule?

With all the large batches of soups, stews and comfort foods we've been making, there is so much left over. In fact, we plan it that way. When those flavors meld, at least overnight, the dish actually seems richer and so much more satisfying.

How long do you keep food viable in the refrigerator? I once worked with a girl who had a 1 day rule on left-overs. If it wasn't consumed in 24 hours, it got pitched. One time I took left-over Chinese takeout for lunch 3 days after the original lunch and she was purely convinced that I would die. Well, I showed her - I survived.

Do you have a strict rule for holding over food? Do you play fast and loose with your health and that of your loved ones by serving them 3 day old left-overs? Isn't that why God created refrigerators? Or GE; I don't know...


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