Potage Saint-Germain

So, as most of you know, I'm obsessed with soup. I was reflecting last night on all the soups I've loved before (insert Willie Nelson tune here), and remembered the St.Germain served at the (very old school American 50s style) steak house I worked in through high school (yes, a million years ago). Soup was one of the few things employees could eat for free, in unlimited quantities (man, I was probably their happiest employee). When St Germain was the soup du jour, I devoured it. I remember the exec chef telling me it was basically a blend of split pea soup and tomato soup. But, my googles tell me that, while it is definitely a pea soup, it's not tomatoey. And it seems most often to be a fresh pea soup, not split. They all sound wonderful, but I can't seem to find any consensus on the "real thing" and, sadly, I do not (yet) have a reliable French cookbook to set the record straight.

Have you heard of the version I remember? What do you consider to be the traditional, classic version?

I know if I can't learn the truth here, there probably isn't one!


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