Overheard: strange things you've heard people say about food.

For example, a woman was reading the nutrition label on a bottle of olive oil, and I heard her gasp and put it down as though it bit her, as she commented "All the calories are from FAT!"

Another time, a woman was telling her daughter how to pick a good bunch of broccoli, and the ones she was telling her were the best were the ones where the flowers were just about to open, rather than looking for the ones with tiny, tight buds.

Or, a woman explaining that you couldn't eat her leftover turkey stuffing cold the next day because it had pork sausage in it, and "you can't eat pork cold, or you'll get sick."

Or the woman at the farmer's market who was complaining about the potatoes at a certain booth because they still had dirt on them.

Have you heard any interesting food comments that made you just shake your head in puzzlement -- or amusement?


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