It's never in my shopping cart, except...

The "things I never buy" thread got me thinking about things I despise on their own, but sometimes I'll buy them for a particular recipe. Like margarine. I never, ever buy it, and I'd rather eat dry toast than with margarine. I'd never use it as a substitute for butter. Bu I do have a bread recipe that uses margarine and it's not the same with anything else. So sometimes I buy margarine just for that recipe.

I hate rolled oats and instant oatmeal (I love the steel cut) but sometimes I'll buy rolled oats for oatmeal cookies or other recipes.

Instant pudding? Not a big fan. I can't imagine how I'd ever serve it on its own. But I have an ice cream recipe that uses instant French Vanilla pudding in the base, and my FIL absolutely loves it.

Jell-o? Always hated it, always will. But I wouldn't object to using it in a recipe if someone I trusted told me that it was fabulous. Seems to me I used to use it for something...but I don't recall what it was.

What about you?


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