Aprons - What does your apron say about you?

I used to know this guy who had a favorite apron he wore all the time. He loved to take pictures of himself in it and post the photos for everyone to see how he loved his apron.

I don't wear an apron but prefer to wreck my clothes. At home, that is. When I was a professional chef naturally I wore a regular white cotton apron and found it very useful.

Do you wear an apron? Not wear an apron? What sort of apron do you wear and why do you like it, if you do? If you don't wear an apron, why not, and should you be?

The guy I mentioned earlier - his apron was a life-sized silk-screened photograph of Yoko Ono's naked behind. I always had to ask myself when viewing the photos he posted: "What are you trying to say about yourself?"


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