_________ gives me heartburn

What gets your digestive juices flowing the wrong way? I have several, tho in a few months I'm sure plain tap water will be reflux-inducing as junior starts pushing my internal organs sideways and upwards. Sigh...my thighs and my esophagus will never be the same....

Here are my offenders:: Legumes (I REALLY don't know why, but beans give me the burn bad) Some tomato sauces Some spicy foods Cheap coffee Cinnamon on occasion

Is there anything you love but avoid because of the after effects, or do you self-medicate before or after so you can continue to enjoy your favorites? I'm curious to see how many of us plow through that plate of nachos topped with jalapenos and habenaro salsa with a devil-may-care attitude only to curse ourselves at bedtime!


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