What's Your Best Boeuf Bourguignonne?

I'm making some for Sunday Supper... I love my own adaptation, but boeuf bourguignonne is one of those dishes that's so classic, and has been around so long, that there's really no "right" way of doing it. Some say to marinate the beef in wine first. Some just brown the meat and add the wine later. Some call for bacon or drippings. Some don't. Some call for lots of vegetables. Some call for virtually none aside from the aromatics. Some contain potatoes. Others just put it over mashed potatoes.

My own preferred method definitely relies on the overnight wine soak -- when I discovered this step, I was blown away. It evoked sexual comparisons in my mind. And I go with crazy lots of veggies -- leeks, turnips, carrots, etc. I do the potatoes either way depending on mood.

But I'm always looking to try new tricks. Got any favorites to share?


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