Milk & honey pasta?

I just threw together a VERY simple dinner of leftovers and got a pretty surprising result. Here's what i added to the pot:

cooked penne pasta bottled organic tomato & ricotta pasta sauce grated emmenthaler & gruyere cheese from a fondue experiment ketchup (yes, i like ketchup in my pasta sauce, horror of horrors)

Mixed it all together over a low flame, just enough to heat and melt the cheese. Dumped it in a bowl, took a bite... and it tasted like i had covered my penne in warm milk & honey. Huh? It was downright SWEET and rich -- almost dessertlike -- and had that unmistakable smell/taste of warm milk & honey. The tomatoes, ketchup and cheese really didn't come through at all.

Does anyone have any idea what happened here? I promise i didn't brush my teeth or eat anything weird first that might throw off my sense of taste!


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