Found any unexpectedly awesome kitchen toys in your web travels?

A month ago I saw this blurb in Tastespotting for this Herb-Savor thing by Prepara. I immediately ordered it because it was so nifty looking, but mere hours later I was already irritated at myself for falling for some stupid kitchen thing, pretty much guaranteed not to work, yet again.

Instead of canceling my order, a new plan emerged. Gleefully rubbing my hands together, twirling my Snidley Whiplash mustache, I was going to do a side by side comparison between fresh cilantro both in and out of the herb saver. I was then going to write scathing reviews of that piece of crap for any review site available. I was sick and tired of companies making false promises, and of myself for falling for them.

Thing is, it works. Beautifully. The cilantro has been sitting in my refrigerator door for 3 weeks now and it's still as fresh and beautiful as it was when it put it in there. The other cilantro long since dying a blackened, slimy death.

Which is doubtless going to cause me problems. I mean, what other seemingly useless gadget actually works? Perhaps I've just fallen sway to the chaff, letting the wheat stroll merrily on by.

Do you have any gems like this? Stuff that just blows you away by how well it works? Please save me from myself and hand out some good suggestions.


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