Comfort Food Fest!

I woke up this morning at 6 AM with blueberry pancakes on my mind. Maybe the rest of you folks don't live in the arctic tundra known as Michigan, so you weren't feeling the "comfort food" vibe this morning, but it's 6 degrees here and we're dug in for the day (and maybe the next). Wild blueberry pancakes, peppered brown-sugar bacon and a gallon of coffee started the day perfectly.

I dug out the crock and did Braised Pork Shoulder w/ Port & Prunes. There will be roasted garlic mashies, fresh French bread, sweet corn frozen from the farmstand and a Meyer lemon-buttermilk bundt cake for dinner later. A decent bottle of chard and a rousing game of Foodie-Fight with the SO by the fire while waiting for dinner. sigh... What is your perfect mid-winter comfort food meal? And experience? And does it involve a crock?


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