Body Shots of another sort, in Denmark

I'd heard of body shots, but never really gave the concept much thought; then, a friend of mine mentioned 'body sild' ('sild' being Danish for 'herring'), but I though he was joking, and promptly forgot all about it.

Then I heard recurrent references to it, and realised that people are actually doing this, which struck me as odd. When I asked my boyfriend about this, he said it seemed a 'natural' extension of 'body tequila' (evidently the most popular body shot in Denmark). This definitely deserved elaboration, so i persisted. He pointed out that the most traditional Danish liquor is 'snaps', and one normally has this with herring. So, pounding back a shot of snaps, then consuming pickled herring off somebody's cleavage is just a perfectly natural outcome of being seriously hammered.


I told him I was going to put this before the SE community, as I was curious as to your overall reaction (and now, so is my boyfriend :D): Is this a uniquely Danish phenomenon, or do parallels to this exist in elsewhere?

N.B. This is NOT intended as negative criticism of a cultural phenomenon; I'm simply a bit surprised and amused, and quite curious, as, although I sometimes like sild on rye bread, I would REALLY hate to have a clammy slither of it draped over any portion of my anatomy. I think. After all, I've never considered this while drunk...


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