Advice for beef marrow bones?

I went to the butcher today and bought a couple pounds of beef marrow bones, to roast as Fergus Henderson does for his "Stonehenge" dish. The bones are served with toast and a parsley lemon salad. The recipe can be found on the NYTimes website, here.

So I did as directed, getting the beef marrow bones cut into 3 inch lengths. I roasted them, made a salad, and then ate them with some toast. They were pretty good. However, the marrow seemed to be more fat than marrow. It was mostly white with a few streaks of what I expected to have more of, the brown marrowy stuff.

I was expecting much more of the latter, as the brown marrowy stuff had much more flavor than the white fatty stuff. Is that the normal proportion, or did I get some bunk bones, should I have asked the butcher for something else?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I feel like this could have been extremely delicious, but it fell a little short of the decadent intense beefy marrowy flavor I was hoping for.



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