I don't deserve your artisan cheese

I'm young, and I look younger than I am (when I tell people I just graduated, they ask me from which high school). Still, I stand straight, I make good eye contact, I don't usually dress like a homeless person, and I happen to like cheese, wine, and loose-leaf tea.

Yet, cheese, wine, and loose-leaf tea sellers tend to treat me with disdain. The last time I went to buy loose-leaf tea, the woman at the counter rolled her eyes - rolled her eyes - when I asked for her recommendation in tisanes.

At artisan cheese shops, I'm often made to feel like I'm wasting the cheesemongers time (especially when I start throwing around phrases like "vegetarian rennet").

Is this considered the right customer service? Am I doing something wrong? Do I just not "fit in" - should I go back to Coke and American Singles?

Anybody else made to feel like crap when all you want is a nice, sheep's milk blue?


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