Favorite healthy cookbooks?

It seems like a reasonable time of the year to find out what books or sources you like to turn to for lighter recipes.

My favorites are: Lighter, Quicker, Better by Richard Sax and Marie Simmons A New Way to Eat by Sally Schneider

Why do I like them? Because they are first and foremost about flavor. Most of the healthy/diet cookbooks I've checked out are really boring from a cook's point of view. These 2 are enjoyable to cook from and have taught me more than just how to reduce the fat. Neither is a "diet" cookbook, but they both put forward reasonable approaches to lighter cooking without deprivation.

Schneider's is sexier and more "foodie," and I love how she focuses on basic techniques and improvisation therefrom, but LQB is probably my favorite (and one of my favorite cookbooks period): every recipe I've made works and is delicious and unexpected. I've come to trust it wholeheartedly, more than any other book I use: even when I think I might not like the dish based on the description, I am always more than pleased with the outcome. Last night I had the salad with roast beef, beets, and horseradish and caper dressing. Very good.

On the other hand, did anyone read about the new Skinny Bitch cookbook? The NYTimes article today was not encouraging (not that I was interested in the first place).


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