a reliable sweet dough for tarts

No, I don't have one - I NEED one. I wrote a bit ago about the Meyer lemons, and made a lemon tart using an Emeril recipe, but was disappointed in the way the dough behaved and ultimately tasted. The dough shrank and split during baking - though I did follow the directions and baked for 10 minutes with parchment and pie weights, exactly as instructed. But in the end it still cracked, which was an annoyance because I still had to add the filling and bake it. (You already know that it stuck to the bottom of the pan in some parts, right?) It also came out too thick and dry and hard.

The lemon filling was very good, and I'd like to use it again, but need a good, reliable, well-behaved sweet dough. Also, any tips for handling it would be helpful, too. I don't often make tarts so maybe I just need to develop the right touch. Anybody...?


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