The Mini Pie Revolution (The Blog Event). With a prize!

Anne of and myself are jumpstarting The Mini Pie Revolution with a blog event (and there will be a baking-related *prize* for the winner). To find out more, visit:

I'll repost the rules here:

Your Mission

Bake a mini pie from scratch. Mini pies should be baked in a cupcake or muffin tins, but we'll let you get away with other pans (ie. tart pans) if the resulting pies remain miniature. Just how small are mini pies? Aim for mini cupcake or cupcake-sized pies. No mini pie should serve more than one person. Still, we're no size-ests here at The Mini Pie Revolution HQ. We're not going to pull out tape measures.

Create your mini pies. Photograph your mini pies. Write about your mini pies on your blog. Then:

E-mail Ann ([email protected]) or Karyn (at Kosmicfish27ATaolDOTcom) the following:

1) A 100 X 100 mini pie portrait 2) A brief description of your mini pie (just the name of the recipe is fine) 3) The title of your blog and a link to your blog 4) A link to your mini pie entry 5) Make sure your e-mail's subject head is "The Mini Pie Revolution"

Please send us your entry by Midnight EST on December 25, and we will post the results by January 1, 2008. Let's make 2008 the year of mini pies! The winning mini pie baker will be chosen by Ann and Karyn and will receive a fabulous prize. So get baking!


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