My KitchenAid Artisan is!

My beloved fuchsia Artisan mixer is not well. I've had it for a little over 4 years, and I bought it refurbished from the company. It has been wonderful to me for these years, but a few days ago, the motor started making a funny (bad) noise, and there was a distinct smell of burning rubber. I turned it off, let it sit for a bit, then turned it back on. The same thing happened, and it was clear that the motor was messed up because the attachment was moving very slowly. I turned off the mixer and haven't touched it since for fear of further damage.

OK, now that you have that info...

I emailed the folks at KitchenAid and they told me to take my mixer to an authorized service center, the closest of which is an hour away (in Gaithersburg, MD), which is, quite frankly, a long way to drive to fix my mixer.

For those of you with KitchenAid mixers - have you had any problems with yours, and, if so, how have you fixed it? I am trying to avoid going to this service center so any and all advice is greatly appreciated!!!


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