Bone-in Chicken Breasts - are they the anti-chicken?

I was looking for something new to do with chicken, and I almost always buy bone in breasts. They look better, taste better and are not as processed as their naked sisters. I went to a popular recipe site and every recipe that came up when I did the search specifying "bone-in chicken breasts" had someone in the comments saying "Oh I did this with boneless skinless..."

Ok, are they the anti-chicken? I really do not like boneless skinless chicken breasts from the supermarket. The texture and non-existent flavor drive me crazy when the price of them can be almost $5 a pound (as was the case today). Meanwhile I got the bone-in for $1.29 a pound.

Yes, I know about health concerns, but if you remove the skin after cooking, you have removed a good portion of the calories, but have retained the flavor, and bones don't contribute to calories but contribute to the flavor IMMENSELY!

What gives?

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