New Thanksgiving Recipes - a hit or a miss?

I posted a link in the Thanksgiving Recipes! thread earlier to a recipe for Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Apple Cider Sauce. Some one asked me to report on the results, so here goes:

I started late (mistake #1) making a recipe I had never made before (mistake #2). I hadn't cleared my counters (mistake #3) and my pastry bag was too small (mistake #4.) Then my food processor broke mid-puree. (Not really a mistake, call it mishap #5). I had to dig out my potato ricer to finish the dough. In spite of that, the gnocchi were actually pretty darn good!

This dough is very soft--a lot more potato than flour. You need to pipe it into boiling water since you could not possibly roll it. (You could spoon or scoop it though.) It cooks fast and overcooks very easily. 45 seconds is all it took, 60 seconds and the gnocchi turned to mush. I browned them off ahead of time and then packaged up the sauce, sage and gnocchi separately to travel. I crisped them up and sauced them right before dinner. They were very tasty, not overly sweet. The apple came through nicely, the sage wasn't overpowering. Nice fall flavors and pretty colors.

All in all, I'd say it was a hit; I would make it again. Any else try a recipe for the first time on Thanksgiving? How did yours turn out?

Cheers, Karen


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