"Cup Pies" - The New Revolution

Who watches Pushing Daisies? Well, in last night’s episode, the show’s heroine decided to create “cup pies” – mini pies baked in cupcake tins. Which means that some striking writer in Hollywood can read my mind, because I have been talking about baking mini-pies for weeks.

Here’s the genius reasoning behind mini–pies:

1) Sometimes, you don’t want an entire pie slice. Mini–pies provide the perfect mid-day nibble.

2) Mini–pies have a higher crust-to-filling ration than normal pie. If you love pie crust, min-pies are the way to go.

3) Cupcakes might be taking over the world, but not everyone likes cupcakes. Some people prefer pies to cakes. Mini–pies provide the same cute, one-serving appeal as cupcakes, but they’re *pies.*

Don’t confuse mini–pies with tarts. Tarts are made in tart pans. Mini–pies go in cupcake tins.

I made apple-honey-thyme and heart-shaped pumpkin mini–pies today. I'll put pictures up on my blog soon :


Let's make mini-pies the new cupcake!

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