Are they disgusting or what??

Several years ago, I was attending a function at Arkansas State University at Mountain Home, Arkansas (ASUMH).

While there, I was introduced to a person who had just relocated from the “Windy City” to my hometown in the "Twin Lakes" area.

I don’t remember how or when the conversation evolved (perhaps I should say “devolved” )into a discussion about our Arkansas customs, but this character mentioned that he was served “GRITS” for breakfast at a restaurant that morning, and that “the mere sight of grits” sickened him.

He then asked me if I (as an “academic”, as he put it, apparently attempting to place me on the same cultural level as he perceived himself) ate that sort of thing.

I will not bore readers with further details of the encounter with this fine “gentleman” from Chicago, but an article in today’s Baltimore Sun revived that memory:,0,3686558.story?page=2

So, what do my NYC neighbors think about grits?

Hey, don’t pull punches . . . let it all hang out!


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