What kind of milk would you like with that?

Over in the question about weekday breakfasts, there's mention of both soy and silk milk. Honestly, I can't stand either of them, nor can I stand instant dry or rice milk. Goat's milk is ok (especially if you make cheese out of it), as are some other "real" milks I've tried for various reasons.

Personally, I prefer whole milk. I'll settle for 2%, but anything 1% or lower has a tendency to taste watery to me. My kids are the same way, especially since they're unlikely to get anything but soy or silk milks at their mom's house.

My wife and oldest stepson prefer skim, so we keep that around. However, if I accidentally give the skim milk to our female orange tabby in the morning, she'll take one sniff and just walk away!

Of course, whole milk made into a rich chocolate milk just plain rules. :-)

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