What is the best way to age steaks?

Why pay an extra $5 per pound for the butcher to age your steaks? Here's what I do: 1. Clear refrigerator shelf, put refrig thermometer on same shelf 2. Lovingly pat steak dry, whisper words of encouragement to steak, "you can do it! i have faith in you!" 3. Get a baking sheet, line with 3 layers of paper towels and place wire rack on top. Place steaks on rack. 4. Age 2-5 days, changing paper towels daily 5. Before cooking, cut off any of the crusty bits

Tips 1. Best to use bottom shelf (coldest) 2. Check thermometer daily - should be at least 36 degrees F 3. You could age longer, but the whole food safety thing...you know...being diligent on minimal door opening & keeping right temp is just too stressful after the fifth day. Don't age if you have a habit of standing in front of your open refrig door to cool off in the summer. 4. You should really dry age roasts, not thin steaks. If your steak is on sale, just ask your butcher to cut you a nice big thick piece - I like them 2.5" to 6" thick. If you try aging thin steaks, all you'll get is crusty crust. Age only Choice or Prime. Don't do it with the cheap stuff - there isn't enough marbling. 5. After aging, you can then cut the big slab-o-meat into smaller steaks, vacuum seal and store in freezer.

Whats your favorite method? If you only age for 2 days, do you even notice a difference?


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