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This is also on, where i've been on a two-year quest to emulate Dom DeMarco's magical pies.

This is my latest effort, and in my opinion my best effort thus far. This honestly may be the second best pizza I've had in my life. Second only to Dom's plain cheese.

The dough is 100% King Arthur Bread flour, a bit salt, mixed in my KA Artisan mixer. Set to rise for about 24 hours.

The sauce is Escalon 6 'n'1 Ground Tomatoes -- fresh packed tomato from California. These are absolutely phenomenal tomatoes and make a great base for any red sauce. I've found no tomato, no sauce, no can, no brand, to be superior to Escalon in the past few years.

The cheeses are of three different varieties. The first is 100% Whole Milk Grande Mozzarella. The second is Mozzarella di Bufala Campana -- fresh Casabianca buffalo mozzarella. Amazing, milky, delightful. Out of the oven the pizza is topped with the salty but delicious Grana Padano, fresh grated.

Olive oil was drizzled on the pizza before it went into the oven and before it was finished in the broiler. This step is absolutely what ties the flavors together.

The cook method? Preheated the oven to 550° for about 45 minutes, my tired pizza stone is on the absolute bottom rack.

The cook time of this pizza was about 6 minutes, finished in the broiler.

After two years, simplicity is key. That's all I can tell you. I've slaved over my oven and cooked literally hundreds of pies. And what i've got to say is "keep it simple".

Note: Not sure how this board works as far as image posting, so i'll guess. I'll also include links to my flickr.


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