Is there a food you love that you won't buy?

Someone had suggested here that I use my Panini maker to make a Nutella and strawberry sandwich on pound cake slices. This sounds like complete heaven to me. But I know that most likely I will not make this anytime soon. Why you ask? Nutella is one of those foods that is loved too much and therefore banned from entering the house. Heck it's not even safe in the grocery bag in the back seat of my car! You see, Nutella will be devoured instantly before it makes it to the cupboard by me, myself and I. My Nonna gave it to us as kids and the comfort factor, coupled with the taste factor creates the perfect storm in the snack food sea. Nonna, comfort, yum - equals me with a spoon in the closet. Anyone else have a favorite food that tests your better judgement?


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