Ratatouille leftovers.

So, I just made enough ratatouille to feed an army. So tonight I'm eating it over rice, and I have enough to last me the rest of this non-winter. Or something. So here are some of my ideas -- does anyone have any other recipe suggestions?

1.) Ratatouille in crepes (pro: yummy; con: hard to make one buckwheat crepe for one person) 2.) Ratatouille quiche (never tried but is probably good, right?) 3.) Ratouille omlette (also never tried...) 4.) as a base for beef stew over couscous or barley couscous 5.) served over polenta with grilled chicken 6.) on crusty bread with eggs over medium on the side 7.) This ratatouille cheese custard http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/recipe_views/views/13124 8.) over egg noodles or other pasta

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