Uh, Starbucks breakfast sandwiches actually taste ... good?!

It's with a healthy dose of humble pie that I post this addendum to our earlier discussion about these egg n' meat critters - fact is, I was initially inclined to bury my "correction" at the end of what appears to be the now-moribund prior discussion, but I figure, go ahead and get flayed on this one. I totally prejudged this one, and I was majorly wrong. The discussion inspired me to actually try the 'Bucks eggwiches, and they're actually quite tasty. Maybe they've always been like this, or maybe with time the whole prep process is ironing itself out, but I'm a fan. The one-stop-shopping aspect of it (Starbucks coffee plus food) has always been an enticement. I've now tried the pepper bacon version, and the turkey bacon version. They both feature a different cheese, the former a yellow cheddar and the other a whitish jack (it seems) . The "toaster" that's used to revive the sandwich really does the trick, in that the English muffin is somewhat crisped, the egg is slightly lofted, and the whole thing does get properly heated (this morning's even had real melted cheese, rather than just warmed cheese). The taste is the crux, though, and it's reasonably winning. The pepper bacon is just that, black-pepper-flecked and with a proper cooked texture. The turkey bacon, being other than swine, provides a milder bacon flavor, but it's enough of a flavor to do the trick in concert with egg, a white cheese and muffin. The big sell for me is that after taking the eggwich out of its cartouche-type serving baggie, the eggwich does not come off as made ages ago in a land far, far away. Granted, it doesn't and probably can't have the "ups" of an eggwich made right in front of your face, but if you remove that comparison and just contend with how it tastes and mouth-feels, it's good. So, I stand corrected.


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