Gallery: This Is a Real Taiwanese Breakfast

  • Taiwanese Breakfast

    Taiwanese Breakfast

    Keeping in the spirit of Taiwanese fast-food, we had to wait in a line for this first.

    Yong He Dou Jiang

    I started to become a regular at Yong He after I fell in love with their flaky shao bing. Yong He is a breakfast chain that's primarily prevalent in Taipei.

    Baked Wheat Cake [Shao Bing]

    This is the shao bing in question. The concept is simple. It's a baked, layered flatbread with sesame seeds on top. Inside, an egg and a generous sprinkling of pepper. It was the overly flaky and hot texture that had me hooked.

    Outside Of Yong He

    Breakfast stands need to be fast. After all, most of their customers are in a rush to get to work.

    Yong He Kitchen

    The cashier shouts out orders to kitchen helpers. Everything is handmade on site.

    Soy Milk

    Soy milk is a must. You can customize your sweetness level and temperature: hot, cold, or warm.

    Egg Pancake [Dan Bing]

    The dan bing at Yong He comes in multiple flavors. This one = egg with scallions and ham.

    Egg Pancake [Dan Bing]

    But my favorite variety was the egg pancake sautéed with peppered pork.

    Rice Flour Wrap

    Made with rice flour, this particular wrap is similar to the dan bing. The only difference is that it's wrapped with a thin rice pancake.

    Taro Bun

    The restaurant has a pastry counter in the front with the day's specials.

    Flaky taro bun anyone?

    Steamed Pork Buns

    The steamed pork buns are also on display. These particular types are enormous.

    White Bread

    They also serve a fluffy, white bread with sesame seeds on top.

    Twisted Cruller [You Tiao]

    Although they're still drenched in oil, the crullers in Taiwan are impressively light. Dip them in hot soy milk for the best results.

    Pan-Fried Leek Bun

    The leek bun, enclosed in a crispy fried shell, is filled with leek, bean curd, and glass noodles.

    Rice Rolls [Fan Tuan]

    Stuffed with shredded pork, pickled vegetables, and slices of cruller, rice rolls are a popular take-out breakfast snack.

    It comes in a plastic wrap which makes for a cleaner eating experience.

    Turnip Cake

    This turnip cake is from my favorite vendor in Tainan, a city in the southern region of Taiwan. The cubes are cut up, cooked right in front of you, and then put into this flimsy plastic box.


    Egg Sandwich

    The concept is so simple. Also from Tainan, the egg sandwich can be completely customized.

    Egg Sandwich

    My version is two pieces of white bread with egg, shredded cucumber, ketchup, and lots of pepper inside.