Gallery: Sweet Technique: How to Make Frozen Mousse Bombes

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    frozen mousse bomb

    Mousse bombes are an easy way to pack a multi-component dessert into an elegant, clean package. Click through the slideshow to learn tips and tricks for making mousse bombes at home.

    Silicone dome molds

    Silicone dome molds

    To make mousse bombes, you must have a silicone dome mold. They run under ten dollars on Amazon. Be sure that your mold is clean and completely dry before starting.

    Coat the molds with chocolate

    white chocolate in silicone dome molds

    Temper the chocolate to avoid having streaky white marks on the surface, then brush the cavities of the mold with chocolate in a thin, even layer.

    Coat the molds evenly

    white chocolate in silicone dome molds

    You may need to apply a touch-up coat of chocolate to ensure that the cavities are evenly coated. Be sure to paint all the way up to the edge. Once the molds are coated, chill them in the fridge.

    Select the right cutter

    measure cutter against molds

    Before cutting your sheet cake into circles, select a cutter that is exactly the same size as the foot of the dome.

    Cut the cake circles

    cut cake into circles

    Start with almost any butter-based or meringue based sponge baked on a parchment lined sheet tray. Cut the circles and set aside.

    Making the mousse

    white chocolate mousse

    To make a white chocolate mousse, begin by melting the chocolate over a double broiler. Once the chocolate has melted, begin adding the cream a little at a time, then add the melted gelatin and stir well.

    Making the mousse

    adding eggs to the mousse

    Beat the egg yolks well, then slowly pour them into the chocolate mixture, whisking as you pour. Continue to whisk for an additional minute over the double broiler, until the mixture lightens in color. Remove the bowl from the heat and place in the fridge to let it cool to room temperature.

    Whip the cream

    whip cream

    Using a whisk, whip the cream to soft peaks. Be very careful not to over whip the cream to the point that it looks dull and chunky.

    Prepare the base

    whisking chocolate mixture

    Remove the chocolate mixture from the fridge. It should be at room temperature, not warm, but also not too cold or the mixture will be hardened. Whisk the chocolate mixture vigorously.

    Lighten the chocolate mixture

    lighten chocolate mixture

    Sacrifice about 1/4 of the whipped cream to mix into the chocolate mixture to lighten it, which will make the folding process more even and homogenous.

    Fold in the cream

    add whipped cream to chocolate mixture

    Add the rest of the whipped cream and gently fold it into the chocolate mixture, taking care not to deflate it. Fold until the mousse is streak-free.

    Pipe the mousse

    pipe mousse into molds

    Pipe the mousse into the shells, just below the the top.

    Add "surprises"

    add filling to mousse

    Gently press pieces of fruit, jellies, nuts, spoons of nutella, or caramel into the mousse.

    Smooth the mousse over the top

    cover filling with mousse

    Smooth the mousse over the tops to give the illusion that the surprise is suspended in the mousse.

    Seal the bombes with cake circles

    set with cake circles

    Place a cake circle on top of each cavity, and gently press it down into the mousse. Place the mold in the fridge for several hours.

    Unmold the bombes

    take mousse bombs out of mold

    After the bombes have frozen, remove the from the freezer and peel back the edges around each piece to loosen it.

    Pop the bombes out of the molds

    take mousse bombs out of molds

    Gently press the center of the mold up, turning the concave to convex, and popping the bombe out of its mold. Allow the bombes to sit for 20 minutes to allow the cake to warm up before serving.

    Cross section of the frozen mousse bomb

    cross section of mousse bomb

    The finish product looks great on a plate by itself, or garnished with a sauce and a sprinkling of cocoa or powdered sugar.