Sweet Technique: How to Make Frozen Mousse Bombes

Pretty on a plate

Mousse bombes are an easy way to pack a multi-component dessert into an elegant, clean package. Click through the slideshow to learn tips and tricks for making mousse bombes at home.

Lauren Weisenthal

If you're ever in the mood to put together a fancy dessert at home, mousse bombes are a fantastic way to go. They satisfy my craving for many things at once; a little cake, a little frozen mousse, and a surprise bit of fresh fruit, jelly, or nuts. Best of all, they have a gorgeous, smooth shell of chocolate that looks as beautiful as it tastes, giving you the dramatic payoff of a plated dessert with just a little effort. These are the perfect thing for people who love customizing their treats. Don't like white chocolate? Simply use milk or dark. Have a great recipe for a salted caramel mousse? Have at it! When you consider all of the different flavor variations for the cake, mousse, hidden surprise, and the shell, the combinations are more dizzying than a trip to Sixteen Handles. Only with these, the end product is guaranteed to look elegant and refined.

When making frozen mousse bombs, here are some tips to consider:

  • If making the shells with milk or dark chocolate, tempering the chocolate will prevent white streaks from forming.
  • Mousse that contains gelatin is ideal to help it hold its shape as the bombe melts a bit.
  • Virtually any cake sponge baked in a flat sheet can be used (or, alternatively, a flourless meringue-based cookie).
  • For best appearance, cut the round of cake exactly to the size of the bombe's footprint.

The silicone dome molds for making bombes are affordable; they go for less than ten dollars on Amazon. Get one, then let your imagination go as you plan flavor combinations for your own mousse bombs, or, click over to this recipe for one with white chocolate mousse and a frozen raspberry in the center, sitting atop a rich chocolate cake, covered with a thin shell of white chocolate.