Make These Moist and Tender Sweet Potato Pancakes With Your Leftovers


So you've read all about the science of sweet potatoes and how to use their endogenous enzymes to make them extra-sweet and flavorful without the need to add much extra sugar to them. Yet, for some odd reason, there are still leftovers the day after Thanksgiving.* What do you do with them?

*If you're like me, then that odd reason is that the formula for the amount of food you make is always 1.5X+2, where X is the number of guests you are expecting.

Mashed sweet potatoes (and mashed regular potatoes) are tough to reheat without losing their creamy texture or worse, scorching them and winding up with a sticky mess on the bottom of your pan. Instead, why not turn them into moist and tender sweet potato pancakes for breakfast? The recipe is super quick and easy, made 100% from pantry staples, and is great enough that even my wife—no lover of standard pancakes herself—declared them delicious. I may have dug myself into a hole here, as I'm certain that I'll be required to pull out this recipe now and then even when I don't have leftover sweet potatoes.


It's not far off from a traditional pancake batter. Mashed sweet potatoes, eggs, a dash of maple syrup, and some melted butter form the base of the wet ingredients. Instead of buttermilk, I like to use a mixture of regular milk and sour cream for extra tang without having to thin out the texture of the batter too much (of course, if you've got buttermilk on hand, it'll work just fine). To this, I whisk in flour, baking powder (for rise), baking soda (for better browning), and a pinch each of salt, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

They cook up in a few minutes in a hot buttered griddle.

Ready for some gratuitous pancakes-with-syrup shots? Here you go:


Now, I don't know about you, but this seems like a particularly fine stack to pour syrup on the morning after Thanksgiving (or any fall morning, for that matter).


We still get a pass on calorie counting and reasonably-sized portions on the morning after Thanksgiving, right? Right!?