31 Recipes Starring Fresh, Ripe Summer Tomatoes

What to make with the best of your farmers market tomato-haul this season.

J. Kenji López-Alt

It's not an exaggeration to say that for much of the year, fresh tomatoes aren't even worth buying. Out of season, almost all fresh tomatoes are bland, mealy, and watery—which is why we recommend using canned tomatoes for our winter soups and stews. But come summer, it's a completely different story: You can find beautiful ripe, flavorful tomatoes at farmers markets everywhere you go. To make the most of this magical time of year, try a few simple recipes that really highlight the tangy-sweet flavor of a great tomato. Here are 31 to get you started—including a classic Caprese salad (no balsamic, please), a couple of gazpachos, and two different takes on the BLT. Want to be fully prepared for this year's tomato season? Check out our guides to shopping for, storing, and peeling tomatoes first.