Hummus Made with Greek Yogurt Is Half the Fat, Tastes Just as Good as Regular Hummus

I try not to think about the fat content of hummus too much. Especially after losing track of however many tablespoons were smothered onto a single carrot stick (definitely more hummus than carrot). So when we received a bunch of samples of the new hummuses (hummi?) made with Greek yogurt from the Eat Well Enjoy Life brand, I was intrigued by this "half the fat" claim, but also prepared for disappointment.

Most low-fat versions of hummus reduce the tahini and oil content (goodbye fat and flavor) and substitute in more water and chickpeas. The result is often sad, and you lose any of that divinely creamy, buttery texture.

But three guys who formerly worked at hummus giant Sabra in the company's early days, and Tribe before that, spun off to make their own hummus product with Greek yogurt. "We share between us more experience in the hummus category than any other manufacturers," said co-founder Gil Oren.

If you're of the belief that Greek yogurt can do no wrong, well, this continues to prove that theory correct. The yogurt gives the hummus a rich, smooth texture without the extra fat. And in just a couple years, it's become the sixth largest brand of hummus sold in the U.S. and by far the fastest growing. It's made with true, strained Greek yogurt (no added starches, gums or milk powders) from milk that's sourced from small family-owned Georgia dairy farms (no hormones, antibiotics or rBST added).

The Original flavor is smooth, not at all gritty like you might expect from a healthy-choice hummus. It's robustly flavored with toasty, nutty chickpeas and rich tahini. The Garlic hummus comes topped with diced bits of bright, pungent garlic and the hummus itself is blended with roasted garlic. The Roasted Pepper is a little sweeter with soft, blistered red peppers blended into the hummus and some more garnished on top. They also make a spicy version, and one with sweet, crunchy pine nuts on top. Depending on your mood, any of these flavors could hit the spot.

If you're counting calories, a two tablespoon "serving" (hah, let's be honest—who sticks to a "single" hummus serving?) contains 50 calories and 2.5 grams of fat, which is half of what you'd find in a "normal" hummus. Find stores that carry Eat Well Enjoy Life here. It's worth seeking out, hummus and yogurt lovers of the world.