Gallery: The Best Bites We Ate in October

  • Apple Tart at The Canal House, NJ

    Vicky Wasik

    "Christopher and Melissa over at The Canal House are characters straight out of Gilmore Girls. I'm sure in their adorably quaint farmhouse kitchen, they host all night dance marathons, cat funerals, and screenings of Pippi in between sessions of creating gorgeous and truly delicious food. Their take on the apple tart couldn't be simpler—wedges of apples dusted with cinnamon sugar on top of the best, most flaky pie crust I've ever tasted. Like Gilmore Girls, what it lacks in drama it more than makes up in execution. Sookie would be proud." —Leang Chaing, Sales Operations Manager

    Hoja Santa From Mozzarella Company

    Vicky Wasik

    "Sometimes you just need a mid-afternoon cheese break. My new cheese of choice is Mozzarella Company's Hoja Santa, a fresh goat's cheese that's wrapped in sassafras leaves. After Vicky photographed the cheeses for this Southern cheese post I couldn't stop myself from taking a little piece, and then another and then another. The sassafras leaves mellow the normally tangy bite of goat's cheese, while imparting a subtle sweetness. Great spread on crackers or eaten off the knife (in the spirit of full disclosure, I prefer the latter)." —Emilia Morano-Williams, Editorial Intern

    Nuubia Fingers

    Vicky Wasik

    Rømmegrøt at Mathallen Oslo, Norway

    Lily Freedman

    "Though the explanation of sour cream porridge at first failed to pique my interest, several bowls of this elastic substance were some of my favorite bites in Norway. Thickened with flour and covered by a blanket of raw sugar and cinnamon, this traditional Scandinavian dish was incredibly warming and filling for the rainy, cold days I spent in Oslo." —Lily Freedman, Editorial Intern

    Pizza at Tribute Pizza Popup in San Diego

    Erin Jackson

    Key Lime Dessert at GT Fish & Oyster in Chicago

    Sarah Song

    Bread Pudding at Camino in Oakland, CA

    Allison Hopelain

    "Underneath the crispy-crackly caramelized surface of Camino's bread pudding, and under the meltingly rich, custardy filling, there's a layer of gooey dark chocolate that keeps you digging for spoonful after spoonful. Everything I ate at Camino was fantastic, but this is the bite I can't get out of my mind. I can't wait until they release their cookbook and tell us how to make it!" —Maggie Hoffman, Managing Editor

    Bao and Sweet Bao Fries at BaoHaus, NYC

    Lisa Starikov

    "The village's BaoHaus has been my go-to downtown snack spot since high school. I was there the other night, introducing an out-of-town friend to the splendors of Chairman Bao (braised pork belly with crunchy relish, fresh cilantro, a caramel-y Taiwanese red sugar, and crushed peanuts) and Birdman Bao (crispy fried chicken with creamy aioli and that same cilantro-sugar-peanut mix). We couldn't resist also ordering the Sweet Bao Fries (deep fried bao bread drizzled with both the black sesame and pandan warm condensed milk glazes. Does is count as my best bite if I stuffed all three things into my mouth simultaneously?" —Lisa Starikov, Editorial Intern

    Egg Noodles at Fung Tu, NYC

    Vicky Wasik

    "Holy moly, does Fung Tu make a great bowl of noodles. The rare 'modern Chinese' restaurant that actually works, they start with clams steamed in amontillado sherry, add ginger, scallion, and garlic cooked in extra virgin olive oil, and stir fry noodles with nubbins of Chinese sausage and garlic chives. The dish is topped with some tomato- and chipotle-sweetened chili oil for good measure. In my dream New York, this is available in every Chinese takeout kitchen so I can eat it in my apartment with no pants on. As is, though, it's more than worth the trip to Orchard Street." —Max Falkowitz, National Editor

    Half Moon Bay Prawns at Poggio in Sausalito, CA

    Maggie Hoffman

    "I tasted the best prawns of my life last weekend at Poggio in Sausalito. Sourced from nearby Half Moon Bay, they were the sweetest, creamiest, silkiest prawns I've ever encountered. Chef Benjamin Balesteri said these little guys are so delicate that they can only be warmed or served raw, so these were offered as crudo, with a topping of their vivid red roe and crispy fried heads alongside." —Maggie Hoffman, Managing Editor

    Pappardelle With Porcini and Sausage at La Taverna dei Fori Imperiali in Rome

    Vicky Wasik

    "My first meal in Rome was at La Taverna dei Fori Imperiali. Of course I ordered the dish that was covered in porcini mushrooms. And of course it was amazing." —Vicky Wasik, Visual Editor

    Mallomar From Gramercy Tavern, NYC

    Niko Triantafillou

    Tortilla Bar Pizza at Home

    "I've been craving pizza something fierce ever since leaving NY and shipping over to the West Coast. There are quite a few decent Neapolitan options, but thin, crisp, by-the-slice stuff? Forget about it. This bar-style tortilla pizza made in a cast iron skillet is thin, crisp, greasy, and packed with flavor—in other words, a pretty darn decent pizza fix, and it goes from fridge to table in 12 minutes to boot." —J. Kenji López-Alt, Managing Culinary Director

    Chocolate fondant cake at Maman, NYC

    Vicky Wasik

    "It takes a lot for me to notice (let alone care about) a molten chocolate cake these days, but Maman, a new bakery near our office, has me paying attention. The rich round is made with 70% dark chocolate and a good dose of Earl Grey in the batter for a subtle citrus bitterness, then topped with a dark-but-not-too-dark ganache. You'd think that chocolate-goo-on-chocolate-goo would be too much, but this cake is surprisingly restrained, with only a moderate amount of sugar and enough fully-baked cake crumb to keep things light." —Max Falkowitz, National Editor

    Seafood Sausage at Elan in NYC

    Daniel Gritzer

    "My first dinner at a fancy restaurant and my first experiences working in a restaurant kitchen were both at chef David Waltuck's Chanterelle. His most famous dish there was seafood sausage, made from a white fish mousseline with big chunks of seafood like scallop and lobster folded into it. I finally had a chance to go to his new restaurant, Elan, and while everything was fantastic, the seafood sausage hit me the hardest: my whole career started with a bite of it over 20 years ago. A whole lot of emotions really can be hidden in a plate of food." —Daniel Gritzer, Culinary Director

    Tandoori Chicken at Awadh in NYC

    Vicky Wasik

    Xiao Long Bao From Shanghai Cafe Deluxe, NYC

    J. Kenji Lopez-Alt

    "I'm loathe to praise cold weather, but I have to admit it's good for the appetite. I came to terms with our first cool night by attacking a platter of soup dumplings from Shanghai Cafe Deluxe. They're just as satisfying as ever—chewy, handmade skins filled with rich, porky soup and a delightfully springy pork filling. I can already tell it's going to be a soup dumplingy year for me." —Niki Achitoff-Gray, Associate Editor

    Bodrato Chocolate With Hazelnuts

    Emilia Morano-Williams

    "I won't say no to any form of gianduia (though I'm not a fan of super-sweet Nutella) but Bodrato's dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts is my favorite. Slightly sweet and super smooth with a pleasant toasty crunch from the whole hazelnuts, it's the kind of chocolate where one bite turns into three turns into half the bar. I first sampled it at the Salone del Gusto in Turin back in 2012 and was thrilled to find they sell it at Eataly. At nearly $15 per bar it's not cheap, but at least I don't have to wait for a trip to Italy to get my fix." —Emilia Morano-Williams, Editorial Intern

    Scallops at Maaemo in Oslo, Norway

    Lily Freedman

    "It's not every day that someone opens a live scallop in front of you and proceeds to serve you the roe immediately. Later cooked in its own shell and served with a touch of celery root and apple, this was the sweetest and most scallopy scallop I've ever had." —Lily Freedman, Editorial Intern

    Baumkuchen at Glaze by Sasa in Denver

    Jay Friedman

    Bostock by Max the Baker

    Vicky Wasik

    "You might know Max 'The Baker' Bernstein from the awesome bread column he writes for Serious Eats. I met him when he appeared at our office wielding two fresh bostocks, for our tasting pleasure. A bostock, I learned that day, is a twice-baked, orangey, almondy brioche-based bread preparation. Max soaks a square slab of brioche in an orange simple syrup, slathers it in almond frangipane and pieces of almond, and bakes it until the frangipane forms a sweet, crunchy crust enclosing the fragrant, spongy center. The whole thing gets dusted with powdered sugar to become everything I wish French toast could be." —Lisa Starikov, Editorial Intern

    Krapfen at Paglia, Ostia, Italy

    Krapfen at Paglia, Ostia, Italy
    Vicky Wasik

    "I'd never heard of this doughnut-like pastry before, but my friend insisted that I try the krapfen at Paglia in Ostia, Rome's beachside town. Filled with chocolate, jam, or cream and covered in a dusting of sugar, these babies gave my favorite New York doughnuts a run for their money. I gasped with joy after taking the first bite." —Vicky Wasik, Visual Editor

    Pork Rice Rolls From the Cart at Bowery and Grand, NYC

    Marj Berman

    "This little cart in Chinatown is just two blocks from our office, and it tempts me to grab a second breakfast everyday when I walk past. I finally caved the other week and bought some fresh rice rolls for an early lunch. The husband and wife duo make the rolls fresh to order: sloshing batter into a steamer try, topping it with your desired meats, and finishing it with scallions, soy sauce, and sriracha. You can even ask for a fresh egg cracked into the rolls as they steam. Plus, for a buck-25, you can’t beat the price." —Marj Berman, Editorial Intern

    Spicy Chocolate Chipotle Brownies at Home

    Jacqueline Raposo

    Singapore Chow Fun at Great NY Noodletown, NYC

    Ben Fishner

    "I’d been craving Singapore mei fun for months, and last week I finally had a chance to indulge myself. I didn’t see the mei fun on Noodletown’s menu, though, so I got this chow fun instead, and I was glad I did—it was perfect, with plenty of meat and veggies and just-spicy-enough curry flavor on the noodles. Only on my way out did I realize I had overlooked the mei fun version on the menu, so I’ll have to go back soon." —Ben Fishner, Ad Sales Account Manager

    Ricotta and Caramelized Fig Gelato at Gelateria la Romana in Rome

    Vicky Wasik

    "You can't go to Italy and not eat your weight in gelato (right?!) The ricotta and caramelized fig paired really well with the dark chocolate at Gelateria la Romana." —Vicky Wasik, Visual Editor

    Chiles Rellenos at Dove’s Luncheonette in Chicago

    Sarah Song

    Beef Stew at Home

    Tracie Lee

    "Since the weather's turned chilly, I've gone into nesting mode. I was inspired to make a beef stew like this one. I added some chipotles, clove, and cinnamon to give it a warmer and spicer flavor. It took three hours but it totally hit the spot. I can't wait to eat the leftovers!" —Tracie Lee, Designer