Gallery: The Best Things We Ate in August

  • Burger at Park Luncheonette in Brooklyn

    Burger at Park Luncheonette in Brooklyn
    Vicky Wasik

    "We went to the Park Luncheonette in Greenpoint because Slice founder and current pop-up pizza master Adam Kuban told me I had to try the pizza. Well, the pizza was very good, but even though we had ordered five not individually-sized pizzas for the five of us (I swear this was research, not gluttony!) I decided we had to order the Luncheonette Burger ($13) on the side. Our server described it as diner-style, but it was way better than any of the burgers we've had in diners lately. It was a thin griddled burger with a terrific crust that managed to be so juicy that the juice stained my shirt. It came with melted American cheese on both sides of the bun, house-made pickles, lettuce, tomato, Thousand Island Dressing, and a side of outstanding fries. The dressing also made it onto my shirt. Would I sacrifice another shirt for a burger this good? You betcha."—Ed Levine, Founder

    Bone Marrow at Proof on Main in Louisville, Kentucky

    Jacqueline Raposo

    "Somehow Chef Levon Wallace makes the most decadent, clog-the-arteries dish a touch lighter with a good hit of acid and really bright, fresh greens. On the flip side, he serves it with what he calls 'shorty marmalade,' which is essentially jam cooked down with the scrap bits of meat that fall off of short ribs during cooking. That, layered with the dripping bone marrow and greens on toasted bread from Blue Dog Bakery, makes my mouth goes nuts just typing about it." —Jacqueline Raposo, Contributor

    Pork Ribs from Delaney's BBQ in Brooklyn

    J. Kenji Lopez-Alt

    "I've gotten to the age where all of my friends are getting hitched in rapid succession. While this means I've had to create a secondary budget for wedding gifts and travel accommodations, it also means I've been going to more catering research expeditions—you know, on behalf of love and friendship. The pork ribs were the first and last thing I ate after sampling the entire menu at Delaney's and while he's made a name of himself for the brisket, the ribs were much more memorable. Story's still out on whether we'll see Briskettown at the wedding, but I'll definitely be back for those ribs." —Leang Chaing, Sales Operations Manager

    Meat Pie in Melbourne, Australia

    J. Kenji Lopez-Alt

    "Despite spending an amazing week and a half driving around Bali in search of the best babi guling (Balinese roast suckling pig) on the island (stay tuned for the results!), my best bite of the month actually came from our four days in Melbourne. The Bendigo Street Milk Bar in Richmond makes the tastiest meat pie I’ve had anywhere. Flaky homemade puff pastry wrapped around moist stewed lamb with a good sprinkle of thyme on top. It comes out hot, crisp and buttery, and makes me wish that savory pies were more of a thing in the States. Please let this happen."—J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, Managing Culinary Director

    Takoyaki from Ani in Chicago

    "The takoyaki from Ani, the newly opened brother restaurant to Arami, is the best version I've had in Chicago. Puffy, perfect, and just barely cooked all the way through, these savory beignets have chewy bits of octopus that provide just the right amount of contrast to the fluffy dough. They're served piping hot under a mound of waving bonito flakes, some finely shredded nori, thinly sliced scallion and drizzles of mayonnaise and tonkatsu sauce."—Sarah Song, contributor

    [Photo: Sarah Song

    Peter Shelsky's Tongue Steak

    Max Falkowitz

    "At a recent dinner party I got to meet Peter Shelsky of Brooklyn's Shelsky's Smoked Fish, and boy did he put the rest of us at the potluck to shame. Here's a two-inch-thick slab of tongue, braised until it's wobbly and then seared hard and fast to get a beautiful crackly crust. It's sitting on nubs of corn and chard, but if that sounds too virtuous, don't worry, that white pool on the bottom is a mixture of tangy cotija cheese...and a lot of cream." —Max Falkowitz, National Editor

    Smoked Ribs from Pastoral Plate in San Francisco

    Maggie Hoffman

    "I've joined a local meat CSA and have been really impressed with how tasty their lamb chops (and other cuts) have been. A recent order of smoked Langley Farms pork ribs made for the best, easiest dinner party. Warmed with a little barbecue sauce, these guys were sticky, rich, savory, and perfectly tender, with just the right amount of smoke. I'll definitely be serving them again." —Maggie Hoffman, Senior Editor

    Verdura Pizza at Desano Pizza Bakery in Los Angeles

    Kelly Bone

    "A recent visit to East Hollywood's Desano Pizza Bakery reveled that pizzaiolo Massimiliano Di Lascio and crew have gotten the West Coast spin-off of Atlanta's Antico running smoothly. The straight-forward Neapolitan pizzas, made with nearly all imported ingredients, skew towards the cured meats and sausage. But it was the lighter Verdura pie—topped with charred broccoli rabe, mushrooms, blistered cherry tomatoes, garlic and puddles of buffalo mozzarella—that stood out to us." —Kelly Bone, Contributor

    Porterhouse for Two at Commerce, NYC

    Nick Solares

    "When I’m spending my own money, I tend to be a notoriously cheap eater. For my dad’s birthday, however, indulgence was the name of the game. He chose Commerce, a nice place in the West Village that I have longingly passed before (clutching my wallet with profound ennui), and we feasted. I thought SE’s coverage of chef Harold Moore's dry-aged sous vide porterhouse could prepare me for what I would experience, but what I tasted that night defied description (all respect to Nick Solares, who came pretty close). A few of my own inadequate descriptors include: buttery, perfectly rare, tender, and ethereal. I can say this much; it was so damn good that it may have ruined all future steak for me." —Ben Miller, Editorial Intern

    Lamb Potjiekos

    Niki Achitoff-Gray

    "A few years back, my boyfriend's family bought a potjie—think Dutch oven meets medieval cauldron—that we took with us on a recent trip to the Delaware shore. It's a three-legged cast iron pot that's nestled directly into live coals or a wood-burning fire. This one is loaded with chunks of leg of lamb, eggplant, carrot, onion, red wine, stock, cardamom, allspice, and a massive handful of herbs. After a few hours, you're left with an incredibly rich stew and meltingly tender meat. Plus a chance to sit watching the sunset, fireside at the beach. Not bad, amiright?"—Niki Achitoff-Gray, Associate Editor

    Everything at Pok Pok in Brooklyn

    Vicky Wasik

    "Pok Pok is one of my favorite places to go with a group of people. You can order almost everything on the menu and not feel too bad. This time, we ordered about half the menu. That Khao Soi is everything I want to eat all of the time." —Vicky Wasik, Visual Editor

    Homemade Chicken Tenders

    Paul Cline

    "My cooking habits follow a simple pattern: I cook the same things over and over (and over). Occasionally, though, motivation strikes, and I try something new. Last week, I overcame my fear of deep frying and made chicken tenders. And. they. were. amazing."—Paul Cline, Developer

    Mac & Cheese from Poole's in Raleigh, North Carolina

    Leandra Palermo

    "Perhaps this photo isn't the greatest quality, but I think you can still see the cheese crust covering this massive bowl of incredible mac & cheese from Poole's in Raleigh, NC. The whole meal was fantastic, but this perfectly executed dish was the star of the show. Mmmm, cheese crust." —Leandra Palermo, Account Executive

    Foie Gras at Chambar in Vancouver B.C.

    Jay Friedman

    "The Foie de Canard 'Villa Lorraine' at Chambar restaurant in Vancouver includes a majestic slice of spiced foie gras terrine and port reduction to spread on truffled brioche French toast. The foie is incredibly smooth and rich, making the colorful block of kriek granita that comes with it a refreshing palate cleanser." —Jay Friedman, Contributor

    Pork Belly at Colicchio & Sons in NYC

    Leenie McEvily

    "A standout pork belly dish, served with corn and manila clams. The sumptuous pork together with the sweet summer corn and briny clams made for a delicious and intriguing flavor combination." —Chrissie Lamond, Creative Services Director