18 Spring Salads to Say Goodbye to Winter

These salads take advantage of spring's fresh but fleeting produce like snap peas, asparagus, morels, and more.

Vicky Wasik

Spring-produce season is exciting precisely because it's so fleeting. Some fruits and vegetables appear for only a couple months—or even a few weeks, depending on where you live—which accounts for the bordering-on-cultlike veneration of precious finds like rhubarb, morels, and ramps. Asparagus, English peas, snap peas, artichokes, and fresh salad greens will be with us for a while yet, but even they only peak for so long. So, after we've toughed out a long, cold winter, the sudden abundance at the farmers market ranks right up there with "first outdoor cocktail of the year" and "first day without a jacket" on the list of things we most look forward to each spring. There's no better way to celebrate it than by putting together a salad that's a riot of these short-lived seasonal ingredients, either raw or minimally cooked, allowing their fresh green flavors to come out in full force. Below are 18 bright, refreshing salads to make the most of spring produce and chase the winter blues thoroughly away.