Spot of Tea: Whole Foods 365 Organic Bottled Teas

Shell Tu

Bottled teas are often either too sweet or too bitter, or too sweet and too bitter. We were pretty impressed, though, by the Whole Foods 365 organic line of bottled teas.

The Lemon Black Tea has a pretty natural-tasting lemon flavor, not like the loads of citrus oil in lots of lemon-flavored things. This tea is lightly sweet without being overwhelming. Not a lot of black-tea bitterness, just a smooth, juicy drink. We were pretty impressed with this tea's balance, and though we might wish for a touch less sugar, that's just personal preference.

The Peach Oolong tea is quite peachy, sweet and ripe up front, with a bit of tartness to balance. There's no smoky oolong flavor here, but hints of mellow tea keep it from being too sugary. This one seems picnic-ready, and we liked it.

The Mango Acai White Tea is delicately flavored with tropical fruit, but it doesn't overshadow the white tea, which we appreciated. Some felt that it tasted a bit too watered down, but others found it refreshing.

If you're a spearmint lover, the Mint Green Tea will please you; some of our tasters found it just a bit on the toothpastey side, but appreciated the mellow green tea flavor. It's light and refreshing, though, and leaves your mouth feeling clean!