Spot of Tea: Harney and Sons Royal Wedding Tea

Harney and Sons

What better way to celebrate the upcoming royal wedding than with a proper cup of tea? Harney and Sons has released Royal Wedding Tea, a special blend of Mutan white tea, almond, coconut, and vanilla. Since it's such a romantic occasion, the tea also gets a scattering of rose buds and petals.

The tea is extremely floral with a heady dose of vanilla scent, and at first we worried that the tea would be too sweet. Thankfully the brewed tea is pretty well balanced. The strong vanilla goes well with the smooth white tea, and almond helps round out the flavor. The end result is undeniably ambrosial rather than refreshing. This blend is good if you're looking for a sweet morning drink or an afternoon treat, or just to raise a cup to the happy couple.

Available online, $10.95 for a 30 sachet tin. We received a sample for review.