Almond Joy Lovers, Try This Amaretto Joy Milkshake

We're coco-nuts for this boozy Almond Joy-inspired shake. Autumn Giles

As kids, my sister and I didn't rush home to eat all of our Halloween candy. I actually don't think we ate any candy at all in the 24 hours following our trick-or-treating mission. The top priority was meticulously sorting everything out on the floor into many tiny piles, in preparation for a very serious, multi-day trading session.

It trained me to maintain a poker face: I learned to give no hints on what I wanted the most and what I didn't like. Keeping it deadpan allowed me to score big, taking all the Almond Joys for myself. I'd enjoy my stash slowly, savoring each bite full of chocolate, chewy coconut, and crunchy almond.

In preparation for Halloween this year, I got out my pillowcase, but I realize that stuffing it with candy is probably not quite socially acceptable anymore. So I'm reliving my childhood victory with this spiked milkshake version of an Almond Joy. (There are some good things about being a grownup!)

The base of this shake is good-quality chocolate ice cream—and you'll need a surprisingly vast quantity to make a thick, creamy shake. Coconut flakes, toasted until fragrant, add coconutty flavor and a little canned coconut cream helps keep everything blendable without diluting the shake's tropical style. Finally, we're spiking this baby with rich amaretto liqueur to boost the nutty flavor even more. Stashing that bottle in the freezer in advance helps to keep the whole shake nice and cool. The toppings are essential here, so don't skimp on the chopped toasted almonds and coconut flakes, which really replicate the classic flavors of an Almond Joy.