Gallery: There's a Spanish Chain Called Taste of America and This is What They Sell

  • Exterior

    Taste of America has 20 locations around Spain, though half are in Madrid.

    Get stocked before Thanksgiving

    Snyder's Pretzels


    Cheez Spread

    Cheez Spread

    I'm pleased to know my country's cuisine is represented by multiple brands and varieties of squeezable cheese.

    It comes in a can, too


    Frozen, and probably not that great, but still!


    Good to know you can find Lucky Charms and Cookie Crisp abroad.

    Pop Tarts

    The only flavors offered were variations on cinnamon and chocolate. Take that, fruit-flavored Pop Tarts.

    Salad Dressing

    Again a smart choice with a selection of Newman's Own.

    Canned Pumpkin

    For all your pumpkin pie needs.

    Salsa and Tortillas

    Okay, they're flour tortillas, but I'll take 'em, especially with some Frontera salsa.

    Peanut Butter

    Plus: multiple brands of peanut butter. Minus: one of those brands is that Goober stuff.

    Strange bedfellows

    Yes, that's the pancake mix you'll find at fancy-pants Williams-Sonoma next to Aunt Jemima pancake syrup.

    Chocolate Chips

    And peanut butter chips, too.


    There's nothing more American than useless kitchen gadgets like an avocado slicer and coozies.

    Barbecue Sauce

    And pretty good sauce, too.

    Corn stuff

    Good ol' American corn syrup and cornstarch, two irreplaceable ingredients that can be hard to find overseas. Same goes for Crisco.


    Not sure if the Taste of America buyer realizes Marmite isn't actually an American thing.

    This stuff

    Nope, neither is this.