Sourdough Starter-Along: Day 2 - No Feeding, Just Stirring

Day 02 am.JPG
Donna Currie

When I first checked my starter today, the yeast had just started coming to the party in my jar—there were already a few tiny bubbles.

Many sourdough starter recipes require a lot of feeding, but if you think about it, yeast isn't running around the jar like PacMan, it's sort of floating around and eating what's nearby. Stirring is just as important as feeding. Maybe more so.

On Day 2, I didn't feed at all, I just stirred the mixture whenever I thought about it. That's actually a good thing to do throughout the process. You don't need to stir on schedule, but whenever it's convenient, give it a little stir, whether it's a couple times a day or a dozen because you happen to be in the kitchen.

By the end of Day 2, there were more obvious bubbles in the mixture.

Day 02 PM.JPG

I gave it one more stir at the end of the day, and let it rest on the counter until morning. How's your starter doing?

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