Sourdough Starter-Along: Day 10 - Second Harvest

day 10 bowl.JPG
Donna Currie

Yesterday, since my starter was bubbling along the sides of the jar, I set aside four ounces of the starter and mixed it with some flour and water in a bowl.

Today, that proto-dough in the bowl has risen and bubbled nicely. Time to make bread! Check out the recipe to the right, and you'll have a freshly baked loaf in your hands shortly!

But what about the rest of the starter in the jar?

day 10 jar.JPG

It's bubbling away, even more than it was on Day 9. Congratulations, you're ready to start making some pizza dough! Follow the link to the recipe at the top of the page. You will start by harvesting 4 ounces of your sourdough starter and mixing it with 2 ounces bread flour and 1 ounce water in a bowl. This will rest overnight at room temperature.

And the rest of your starter? Feed it again today, one ounce of water and one ounce of flour. If you don't have time to bake over the next few days, don't fret. As long as there's room in the jar, there's no need to discard any starter.

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