Gallery: Snapshots from Kenya: A Traditional Meal in the Mombasa Countryside

  • A traditional Kenyan meal

    A traditional Kenyan meal

    Freshly slaughtered chicken, sukuma wiki, steamed potatoes and bananas, ugali, and fresh plantains.

    Charcoal stove

    A small charcoal stove was used to cook each portion of the meal.

    Abdul and the chicken

    Abdul slaughters lunch.


    Freshly slaughtered and ready for cooking. Er, almost.

    Prepping the chicken

    Cleaning and plucking the bird.


    Gutting and breaking the bird down.

    Preparing vegetables

    Chopping onions and tomatoes for the sukuma wiki while the chicken cooks.

    Potatoes and bananas

    Preparing the potatoes and bananas for steaming.


    Pouring corn meal into the water for boiling.


    Once the cornmeal boils and thickens, it achieves a dense, cake-like consistency.