Chips from Spain: Jamon, Barbacoa, and More Flavors


The theme of my trip to Spain: even when I wasn't trying to eat jamon, I was probably eating jamon. Oops? Another example: potato chips.

While roaming the corner grocery stores of Madrid, it was fun to see all the meat-centric flavors on the chips wall. Jamon Ruffles, barbacoa Fritos and cheeseburger Lay's. There were "vegetarian" options too: a Ketchup and Mustard duo pack, chocolate-covered chips (for dessert?), and of course the classic potato. These flavors will make your Salt and Vinegars sound humdrum.*

But as with most mass-produced snacks claiming to taste like something, they don't exactly pull off the flavor replication. Remember when we tried General Tso's chips from Target? Do these chips have any reason to exist? When you eat Cheeseburger chips are you truly craving a fresh-from-the-grill cheeseburger? Probably not. Who knows. Either way, let's hear it for the food scientists who developed these novelty flavors in labs somewhere.

Check out our slideshow for each flavor we tried, and let us know, what's your favorite chip flavor?

Gimme a bag of S&Vs any day! There's actually talk at SEHQ of doing a S&V chip tasting.

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