Gallery: A Tour of a Singaporean Supermarket

  • Outside

    Fruit and Vegetables

    Fruit and Vegetables

    It's like comparing apples and dragonfruit.

    Fish Heads

    Fish heads make up some of the country's most iconic seafood, so you'll find them all around.


    Sometimes refrigerated, sometimes not.


    Black Chicken

    Fun fact: black chickens have ridiculous feathers.

    Eggos, Aunt Jemima, Garlic Bread

    One of these things is not like the other.

    Frozen Mantou

    Plain buns to steam at home.

    Ice Cream

    Sure, FairPrice has Ben & Jerry's, but do those cow-print pints come with "Caramel Bits sensation?"

    Just Healthfood

    Relegated to a sad corner.

    Everyone Loves Cocktail Weenies

    Refrigerated Curry Fish Paste

    Nyonya Achar

    A pickled vegetable relish that accompanies many Malay and Nyonya meals.


    Vegetarian Ham


    For the aspiring home wokstar.

    Shrimp Paste

    Also called belacan, essential for Malaysian cooking.


    Yup, McCormick here too.


    Brie and gouda...


    ...right next to the silken tofu.

    Flour Tortillas, Spongecake, Cookies

    White Bread

    Not Wonder Bread, but close. Good for PB&J and kaya toast.

    ALL The Soy Sauce

    Kaya Spread

    Ketchup, Shrimp Paste, Sambal

    Instant Noodles, Curry Paste, Canned Fish

    Coffee, Tea

    Note: coffee, not kopi.

    Cookie Monster's Chip-Loving Cousin

    Shrimp Chips!

    And shrimp-flavored potato chips!


    More on Singa-cereal here from our intrepid cereal columnist.


    Rice Wine

    Wine Cellar

    A whole nook of this store was devoted to wine and beer.

    Instant Bak Kut Teh

    Packets of seasoning to make bak kut teh, pork rib soup, at home.