A Tour of a Singaporean Supermarket

Fruit and Vegetables

It's like comparing apples and dragonfruit.

Max Falkowitz

You've already seen a proper Singaporean wet market; now it's time to take a look at another way Singaporeans shop that's more familiar to Westerners—no fish gut-strewn floors, to start.

FairPrice, owned by the National Trade Union Congress trade cooperative, is one of the largest grocery chains in the country, with 100 supermarkets and additional convenience stores.

There are plenty of Western goods on the shelves (cereal and Aunt Jemima), but also some distinctly Southeast Asian goods: samval, shrimp paste, pandan, and the like. You see some curious juxtapositions in the aisles: brie and gorgonzola alongside twelve types of tofu, or ketchup next to sambal, but that's just how they roll in Singapore.

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Note: Max's recent trip to Singapore was arranged by the Singapore Tourism Board. Special thanks to our awesome guide, Garry Koh.